Spring is here and we all know what that means…It is time to get out and do some spring cleaning! Cleaning your garage door can prolong its life and help improve your home’s curb appeal. Here at Martin Door we recommend: • Oil yearly all hinges, roller shafts and spring coils using a high quality 10/40 motor oil. Do not allow parts to squeak! As needed use lightly oiled cloth to wipe galvanized parts to help retain clean galvanized look. In damp, wet, salty or caustic areas, door sections and galvanized parts may require painting to help prevent rust, etc. • Wax yearly Reverse Angle Shields or jambs where door seals while closing. • Wash away dirt, salt residue, etc. from door sections. Automobile type cleaners and waxes may Improve the look and prolong the paint life on a neglected door. • Allow copper metal doors to age naturally and gracefully. • Clean the acrylic windows with a soft wet cloth

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Korri took a trip to China to visit Shanghai Golden Jade.

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