Martin continues to add even more color to its colorful future, with the introduction of four new powder coat color options.  Martin's powder coat palette has expanded to include: Dark Chocolate (CS 3070), Cherry Wood (CS 3060), Redwood (CS 3065) and Mesquite (3055).

Powder coat samples are available for dealers.  As before, Martin has the ability to go beyond its offering of standard colors and over 70 powder coat options to source any color a customer may like, as long as they can produce a tangible sample to use in sourcing the specified color.

See our full line of colors, here.

SALT LAKE CITY -- Two Athena Doors were installed on an area Before Photo
home as part of a home makeover show for Spike TV.

 The show, Flip Men, features two Utah-based estate investors Mike Baird and Doug Clark who purchase foreclosed properties sight unseen in order to flip them for a profit.  The two purchased a home near Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake County, where the Athena Doors were installed by David Schultz of Universal Door.

Spike TV is a network aimed at men and Flip Men is touted as a show featuring the Utah risk takers, who face a ticking clock, while having to deal with bizarre problems associated with abandoned properties. After Photo
The local show is expected to be part of the season two lineup for the network.

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To borrow a phrase, a Martin Garage Door can take a licking.

Beaten Door Thieves broke into a West Valley City, Utah auto body shop through the garage door recently, only to find the door was more of an obstacle to their scheme, than they assumed. The thieves damaged the door, but couldn't break it down.

Nicole Fink said the thieves hit the door of S & S Racing from the outside with a vehicle to get into the shop and once inside, used a four-wheel drive truck inside the shop to hit it again to push it out. 

"They wanted the tools that were in there and they got a lot of things but the most expensive thing in there (a snap on tool box) they couldn't get.  So the door actually got hit five times once on the outside to get in and four times on the inside to get the stuff out," Fink said.

Fink credited the Martin Garage Door, for being a major factor in preventing a bigger loss, than they incurred.

"We are happy with the quality of your doors saved us thousands of dollars when they broke in. Thank you again for making quality doors!" Fink said in an e-mail to Martin Garage Doors.