Buying A Garage Door Made Easy
Shopping for a garage door never was so easy.
Martin Door Manufacturing's new Design Online program makes buying a garage door something everyone can do from home in a fun, and interactive way.
"It's awesome," Michael Martin, director of Advertising for MDM, said of the new feature. 
Awesome translates to a homeowner creating their own vision of what a new Martin Garage Door will look like on their home. With over 70 colors and over 100 windows to choose from, the choices add up in a hurry.
The options are not limited to just steel doors. Martin's full line of extruded aluminum carriage house doors is included in the design program, as well as Martin's real copper metal doors.
Two years in the making, Design Online goes beyond mere design options.
An easy-to-use dealer locator helps a consumer find a certified Martin Door dealer in their country or community and also provides detailed information about the standard upgrades, which come with each Martin Garage Door. Those upgrades include a number of safety features.
The customer can also use the program to get a quote from a local dealer. 
The program is geared at making a complicated process, fun and simple, according to Dave Haslam, national director of Sales for MDM.


The experience suggests there is always more behind a product than meets the eye.

Several years ago Dave Martin, chairman of Martin Door Manufacturing, was talking to an engineer from another garage door manufacturer, whom he had befriended over years of serving on an industry board.

The engineer complained out loud to Dave that he faced the challenge to cheapen his company's product, by designing all parts on the door,  to fail at five years.

Dave shared that tale with a dealer who sells that product.  The dealer said, "that's a stretch," to get to five years.

When you build a cheap product, people will notice.

Jake Robbins, office manager for Access Garage Doors LLP of Portland said he runs into high customer dissatisfaction, when dealing with customers who have purchased "junk doors" that may be relatively new.

"It's depressing to see companies sell product, like that, that fails so fast," Robbins said.

He said Access Garage Doors sells a garage door with the idea it's the last door a customer will ever have to buy.  He said Martin Doors are a key part of that strategy.

Ken Vaughn of Pro Door LLC in Sterling, Colorado said last year he replaced two competitor's doors, installed by the homeowner himself, which had been in place for less than a year.

"They seemed to be a step above a cardboard box," Vaughn said of the doors.

Historically, many companies have attempted to build their own replacement market, when they sell a cheap door, not designed to last a long time.

Dave Nelson of Advantage Garage Doors in Lehi, Utah said he recently replaced a spring on a new garage door, which was only seven months old.  He has found replacing lesser quality springs with Martin Door springs a winning combination. 

His colleague at Advantage, John Barrett, tells the tale of recently replacing a door, which was less than two years old. 

Barrett mused they can look heroic in replacing low quality with something that will last.  "We're white knights riding in on a Martin Garage door," Barrett said.

Ken Martin, president of MDM, tells the tale of encountering one such dealer on the island of Kauai in Hawaii a number of years ago.  Martin approached the dealer about potentially selling Martin Doors and Martin quality.

The dealer told Ken he could never switch to Martin garage doors because he would be out of business within four years.  He said he was selling wood garage doors designed to last about four years.

"He told me that the only thing that kept him in business was replacing all of the garage doors on the island of Kauai every four years," Ken recalls.

The philosophy came back to bite the dealer, according to Ken.  The dealer has gone out of business.

Buying a garage door, need not be a reoccurring experience, according to Dave Martin, who insists a lifetime warranty on a door means the door should last a lifetime.


John Barrett, left and Dave Nelson, right, of Advantage Garage Doors have found it easy to replace broken springs, with new longer-lasting Martin Door parts.

Martin Offers Hybrid Door With Smooth Panels

 Martin Door Manufacturing is now offering a smooth look, in a unique hybrid garage door.

Effective immediately, Martin Door is offering this unique Garage Door, which is a steel section garage door with smooth flushline panels, with carriage house style windows, mounted in aluminum.

The new door meets a customer need for a smooth panel on a carriage house door, according to David Haslam, national director of sales for Martin.

The Kensington door is named after an affluent suburb of London, known for its museum district and for its gardens. 



Garage Door from Martin Door Manufacturing features smooth flushline panels and is a hybrid door made of steel and aluminum.


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