Kim Sinkford always knew when her husband was coming home late from a long run at the hospital's emergency room. His arrival was signaled by a noisy garage door being opened to park the car in their Washington, D.C. home.

The noisy door would often wake their young child, who was sleeping in a bedroom over the garage.

Not anymore.

  Kim and Dr. Stan Sinkford of Washington, D.C. pose in front of their newly-installed Martin Door with Dave Martin and Jeffrey Titus. Installation of the door was part of an upcoming segment of "Curb Appeal" that will be aired on Home and Garden Television (HGTV).  

Kim and Dr. Stan Sinkford were the recipients of a new Martin Garage Door and opener as part of a segment of "Curb Appeal" filmed in the Capital District in August of this year. Jeffery Titus of Shore Doors in Stevensville, Maryland installed the door.

Kim and her husband chose to get a rusty iron powder coat door to go with a new overall look for their home. She is pleased with the result.

Dave Martin, chairman for Martin Door Manufacturing, was on hand to be interviewed for the taping of the show. He was interviewed briefly for potential use in the final segment, which will be aired in the spring of 2007.

For Titus, the TV installation was a double whammy. He admitted it was different having cameras in his face, but said he especially enjoyed meeting Dave Martin again as a result.

A Martin dealer for the past three years, Titus said he first came in contact with MDM at an International Door Association show. He met Dave Martin for the first time, at that show. He began installing the door, as a higher end option for his customers.

"There are very little hiccups with a Martin Door," Titus said of the installation. He also praised workers at Martin Door for the way the doors are packaged. "I've never had a damaged door," he said.

Curb Appeal is a popular prime-time weekly television show hosted by Rick Spence and is broadcast on Home & Garden Television (HGTV). It can be seen in over 90 million homes across the country and is broadcast multiple times throughout the year.

The focus of the series is to show how to improve and enhance a home's appearance as viewed from the street. On each episode, designers take a house and help the homeowners literally transform it for maximum appeal.

The secret is getting out.

The fastest way to add curb appeal to your home is to change your garage door. It's actually one of the cheapest ways to do a home makeover as well, according to one Arizona publication.

The Arizona Republic, a daily newspaper based in Phoenix, recently ran a story under the heading of "New garage doors add curb appeal" in which it described changing the garage door as being the final frontier of home improvement.

The Arizona Republic is not alone in this discovery. More recently United Press International, a news service for many TV, radio and newspaper outlets, had a story about curb appeal and how the garage door can "guzzy" up the appearance of the home.

The UPI story simply points out that a garage door that comprises 30 to 40 percent of a home's facade makes a major difference in a home's curb appeal.

The garage door has been too often ignored and abused, according to the Arizona Republic story. With manufacturers offering multiple color, design and window options, the garage door can now become a statement for the rest of the home.

That beauty can have a lasting impact, with a quality door. Hot-dip galvanizing and a high quality paint can ensure lasting appeal.

Martin Door continues to be a leader in the field, with recent color options that can now match the door's color and texture to that of windows, siding or flashing----among other options. Martin Door offers 68 color options, approximately 38 different window designs as well as multiple pattern options. Add real copper metal to the mix, and the options fill pages.

Given the longevity and quality of a Martin Door, the pleasure of the home makeover can last and last and last.

Martin Door Manufacturing celebrates its 70-year anniversary this year. Platinum is the metal used to mark a 70-year anniversary.

Leno Martin started Martin Doors in 1936 in Santa Ana, California after inventing hardware for one-piece garage doors. He installed doors throughout Southern California.

With World War II, the company relocated to Utah, where it has been a growing entity since 1946. Leno sold the company to his younger brother, David O. Martin, in 1951.

Under the ownership of David Martin, Martin has become a major force in the world of garage doors with sales in 83 countries.

When it started, Martin manufactured one-piece doors. The door hardware was manufactured in the backyard of Leno Martin's home and the door face was customer made to match the garage opening on location. That provides a sharp contrast to 70 years later, with Martin Door Manufacturing, housed in a five-building complex that features over 220,000 square feet----and more on the way with the completion of new space for the Purchasing Department, and further expansion of the sales, I.T. and the advertising departments.


Seventy years ago Leno did most everything by himself, with the help of his younger brother, who is 14 years younger and his brother-in-law, Robert McCook. His invention of a one-piece overhead-type door was used to replace the popular swinging doors of that day. A complete one-car door sold for $16 installed and a two-car door sold for $29 installed.



Today the company still features a family feel, but has over 200 employees.

Martin Door Manufacturing is one of the oldest family-owned, steel sectional garage door manufacturers in the world.

Besides longevity, Martin has also been an innovator in the garage door business. Dave Martin has pioneered a number of firsts for the industry from colored panel steel doors, to Finger Shield™ and a number of original quality and safety features. With support of numerous certifications, including ISO Registration, UL and CE Certifications and even the Presidential "E" Award, Martin Door Manufacturing has gained a reputation as the world's finest and safety garage doors.