SALT LAKE CITY - It's better to eliminate the risk, than simply warn a homeowner about it in David Martin's mind, especially when it comes to a child's safety.

The lure of the garage door is too much for many small children, who see potential adventure in riding the electrically operated door up and down.

Dave Martin doesn't think this lure is going to go away.
"You're not going to stop children from riding garage doors with signs or training, but you can make the garage door safer for little children!" Martin said.

Martin has done just that, by building extra prevention into each Martin Garage Door. It is difficult for any child to hitch a ride on a Martin Door, due to the safety built into each section joint with Finger Shield™ and Low Profile Hinges. This prevention carries into other areas of the door; from the inside lift cable, to removing holes in the vertical track to having rolled edge tracks.

David Martin doesn't think the lure of riding a garage door is going to go away for kids, despite warning labels or an education campaign, featuring coloring books. He believes manufacturers simply need to make each garage door safer.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission's latest report estimates over 20,000 accidents related to garage door use a year. The CPSC estimates that 8.1 percent of the approximately 17,691 garage door accidents or roughly 2,211 incidents occurred with children 14 and under.

Putting a face on those numbers only makes the issue more real. For example, in a northern Utah community two kids thought it would be fun to ride a garage door at their home. One of the boys put his fingers in the section joint. When the door reached the ground he was trapped. He had to be rushed to the hospital, after his release.

"Children can't read signs that say, KEEP CHILDREN AWAY and if they are told to stay away, they want to see why when mom and dad are gone," Martin said.

Martin said, "every manufacturer should build prevention into each garage door they make."


Each Martin Garage Door is built so that it would be difficult for children to injure themselves on any single component of a garage door.

"It's an embarrassment to our industry to make a coloring book to go in the schools to tell the dangers of the garage door," Martin said. "Fix the door. Isn't that better than putting up a lot of signs that little children can't read or printing color books?"

Dr. Keith Martin, director of International Sales, further likened warning signs on the garage door to old medicine caps, which could be easily opened by children. He said pharmaceutical companies discovered it is better to put a lock-on cap on medicine bottles, than a warning label that children couldn't read.

SALT LAKE - He took existing technology and improved it to create the world's finest and safest garage door mounting system.

To top it off, David O. Martin's system adds space to every homeowner's garage, while sparing them potential damage to fingers, joints or limbs. Each system has a lifetime warranty.

David Martin says "As a garage door installer, who's installed other door mounting systems, I designed a better way of doing it and included it on all of my garage doors."

In addressing safety concerns with fingers and hands around the track, Martin said he took the best of existing reverse angle and tapered angle technology, then available for residential or commercial doors. Using principles from both applications he came up with a new stronger mounting system that also addressed safety issues. This new system established a more efficient method of mounting a garage door to a garage opening.


Martin Door's Reverse Angle Safety System mounts to any kind of surface, including brick.

David Martin says the Reverse Angle Shield Safety System that he invented is part of each Martin garage door system. It is the finest in the world, and a model for others to envy. It can be mounted to a standard wood frame, sheetrock, steel, concrete, block, rock or "practically anything." Because it does not require a wood jamb or doorstop, it adds more inches to the drive in place and width of each garage, Martin claims.

In the Martin system, the door closes against the steel of reverse angle shield, not wood, not drywall, or any other existing surface. This results in no rubbing of the door against the garage door jamb, which is common in other systems on the market. It is also not vulnerable to the temperamental nature of outdoor jambs, wind, snow, heat and cold.

Just as important, Martin's system eliminates large holes, a potential safety problem in the track, which can turn a garage door into a moving knife, for those who have fingers in the wrong place.

"By utilizing these new inventions, dealers can sleep better at night because this new reverse angle shield system is safer for little children playing around the track area on both sides of the door," Martin said.

The mounting system also includes a one-of-a-kind lock on side bearing bracket, which locks the Martin side mounted springs to the track, thus eliminating the danger associated with center-mounted garage door springs, when spring pad fasteners come loose because of aging, splitting wood.

One dealer who is especially high on the Martin system is Bob Mehr of Mehr's Garage Doors of St. George, Utah.

Mehr said the safety features of the Reverse Angle Shield System are impressive, but equally important is how the door seals against windstorms and dust, which is prevalent in the climate where he lives. Other mounting systems require a plastic, rubber on vinyl seal, which only lasts a few years. Martin's steel on steel system lasts a lifetime
Mehr also said the combo track brackets are a key feature of the reverse angle system.

"I'm always talking about it," Mehr said of the Martin Reverse Shield Angle System. "I think its one of the most important things about a Martin Door."

The Best Warranty Just Got Better

SALT LAKE - Martin Door Manufacturing is expanding the warranty on its garage door spring.

The spring for most Martin residential garage doors has now been expanded to a lifetime warranty, according to David O. Martin, owner of Martin Door Manufacturing.

The expanded warranty includes five residential models of Martin Garage Doors for single-family residences and will include the door, springs, sections and all parts, according to Martin. The expanded warranty includes most models of Martin doors. See manufacturer’s written warranty for details and limitations.

Martin Door Vice President Larry Martin poses in front of the spring assembly area.

The warranty covers all uses except neglect, abuse or use in a high corrosion area, according to Martin.

Martin is the inventor of the galvanized spring for the garage door.

The Martin Door torsion springs has been almost 25 years in development and has a life span nearly four times greater than most of its competitors, according to Ken Martin. Dave Martin introduced Martin's Zinc-Tempered Torsion Springs in 1985.

"Now the company that offers the best warranty in the business, just made it better."