SALT LAKE - Martin Door has added yet another safety feature to its product line.

During the first quarter of 2004 Martin Doors will extend a rolled edge to both sides of its vertical track and introduce a double-hemmed edge on its horizontal track. That raises the number of major safety advances that make up every Martin garage door to 16.

David Martin,

"We've gone further than anyone in the industry at Martin Door in promoting safety," Ken Martin, president of Martin Door Manufacturing, said of the latest innovation.

The new extended hems complete a safety mechanism regarding tracks that was initiated by Martin Doors in 1998. At that time, Martin Door introduced the hem on the leading edge of its vertical track but was unable to continue the hem to the curve of the horizontal track.

New technology, and a double-rolled hem, has taken away that potential safety concern.

CEO of Martin Door Manufacturing, shows off the new doubled hemmed track that will add additional safety to Martin garage doors, beginning in 2004.

"Since 1996, when Martin first introduced the revolutionary Finger Shield â"¢, a continued effort has been made to extend the safety standard to other hardware," Martin said. "The principle of a hemmed leading edge on a vertical track is absolutely necessary on our garage doors with roller shields. Deburring, scaring, etc, do not protect hands and fingers from cuts. Double hemming the track edge is a more costly process but makes both edges much safer for door operation as well as for handling," he added.

Technicians, repairmen and installers who service Martin garage doors. will quickly notice that this improvement will protect their hands and fingers.

Besides the added safety, the new double hems will also make the vertical and horizontal tracks stronger, according to Martin.


Lifetime Standard Ball Bearing Roller Offered

Martin Door is introducing the first standard maintenance free ball bearing roller in the garage door industry.

The new roller, available in the first quarter of 2004, includes a front and back seal on the bearing, which eliminates maintenance on the roller and is the first of its kind in the garage door industry.

Martin Door Manufacturing is introducing a new sealed bearing as part of every Martin garage door, beginning next year. David Martin shows off a prototype of the new roller.

"Our industry is sure to follow," Dave Haslam, director of marketing and sales for Martin Door Manufacturing said of the new sealed bearing.

The sealed bearing irons out a wrinkle brought on by a previous Martin Door innovation. With the advent of the Roller Shield™ in 1998, it became difficult to lubricate the roller. The new seal over the bearing will keep out dust, water, sand and other material. It creates what Martin Door CEO David Martin describes as a "lifetime greased ball bearing roller."

The bearings on Martin Door rollers are packed in synthetic grease that adapts itself to the severity of climate change without any change in consistency. The new seal provides a lifetime for that selling feature.

The roller was already distinct before the most recent change. The roller used on Martin Doors has 11 ball bearings to increase its longevity and quiet operation. The high quality hard ball bearings are self-contained in a hardened steel race. The tire on the roller is made of Delrin™, a polymer substance, especially made for Martin by Dupont.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - A home painter credits a Martin Garage door for saving his life.

The painter was working on a high ceiling in an open garage in Manila and fell from his perch to the secure platform of a fully open Martin Door.

The sturdy garage door softened the blow of the long fall and kept the painter from hitting the hard concrete.

Mr. Ramon Pinero, president of Rigelli Company and Martin's distributor in the Philippines, said he was asked to make a service call in Manila for a garage door that had two large dents. As he traced the history of the dents, he found they had been incurred by the falling painter. Mr. Pinero was able to bang out the dents and erase any visible trace of the dramatic fall.

Mr. Pinero related the story during a recent visit of David Martin and Michael Martin to the Philippines.

Ramon Pinero and David O. Martin pose in front of a garage door during Dave's most recent visit to the Phillipines. It was during the visit that Ramon shared the story of how a Martin Door saved a painter's life during a fall.


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